Public reminder – things I will write about.

Alex, you need to blog about your ideas on:

  • teaching the photoelectric effect with no equipment.
  • video resources for supporting teaching of astrophysics
  • mini coding projects for GCSE Computing.
  • why Hour Of Code resources are useful for supporting computing classes with non-specialist teachers – but beware…
  • The computing curriculum and digital skills (ICT, computer science and cross curricula)



One Response to Public reminder – things I will write about.

  1. dodiscimus says:

    After several unsatisfactory attempts to teach the photoelectric effect, due I think to my students struggling to cope with the difficulty of reliably imagining photons and electrons and distinguishing between the two, whilst also trying to see the photoelectric equation is just a simple energy conservation statement, I came up with an analogy and a bunch of simple questions that seemed to crack the problem. I’ll show mine, if you show yours…

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